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Boulder Image ConsultantMarian, where have you been all of my business career?
I hired Marian because I was going to a very powerful conference and really had to update my working wardrobe. The results were SPECTACULAR! I felt amazing, and I got … count them … 8 compliments each day I wore the outfits Marian pulled together. The conference was very lucrative for me from a business perspective. I really attribute a good part of this to the way I looked (and felt because I looked hot). The lesson I have learned here; up-leveling your clothing can really up-level your success. (I should point out that I am a successful business coach!) I would highly recommend Marian’s style consulting to any serious business woman! She is extremely talented.”

– Tommi Wolfe, Business Coach, The Start Up Expert



Before working with Marian I wasn’t presenting myself as a completely branded business professional. I would spend unpleasant hours at the stores and not have something that I liked. I would stress about what to wear any time that cargo shorts and a polo were not appropriate; I felt out of place and unsure.

Marian helped me choose the right clothes, in the right size, the right colors, the right texture and the right combinations to pull it all together. What a relief! I am more comfortable now than I ever have been. I would call it a transformation; this feels like ME. This is the me I have always wanted to be. I love it. This could be the best investment you make all year.

– David Burson, Loan Officer, Colorado Mortgage Group



Denver Image ConsultantI cannot tell you how incredible this whole new wardrobe experience has been. I am complimented on a daily basis, and several times have been asked if I have lost weight! I have not! I encourage all women who have a tentative sense of their own style, to meet Marian Rothschild. My closet was full of outdated, unfashionable black clothing. Marian showed me that color is not something to fear. Our shopping trip was so much fun. To stand in the dressing room while she brought a variety of styles and colors for me to try on was quite the experience. I have received compliments from people who rarely interact with me. I find I am walking taller and with much more confidence. I recommend working with Marian, and if you have a daughter, allow Marian to help her find her own best colors and styles. Don’t wait until till you are 60 to gain self-confidence and have fun with clothing. Thanks, Marian!”
– Ginny L. Lafayette, CO


MarianRothschildTestamony3“Marian, What a difference!
You are a miracle worker! I just walked into work and they all asked ‘Oh, are you going somewhere? — you look nice!’ I was surprised they commented. I wore the teal wrap shirt with blue jeans and both necklaces. I would never have thought to do that! Thanks again — it was a confidence boost!”

– L.H. Chicago area


MarianRothschildTestamony4I found working with Marian very valuable, informative, and enjoyable.
She is great at asking questions and listening and then making suggestions and offering advice that makes it clear she understands you, your goals and preferences. It feels really good to know that I’m wearing clothes that look great on me, and now I understand the basic principles that Marian applied in selecting clothes for an individual. Having her pick out clothes for me at a store was wonderful. I look forward to enlisting her help with shopping again in future. I believe Marian’s fee pays for itself over time since, whatever you spend on clothes, you’ll get a lot more real value per dollar, in terms of what the clothes do for you. I recommend that you contact Marian now, even if you’re not yet sure whether hiring an image consultant is right for you. You won’t regret it!”

– Michael Siepmann


Denver Image ConsultantIf you don’t have a Fairy Godmother, the next best thing is to discover the magic that Marian Rothschild can work for you! I definitely needed some abracadabra to update my look. And from clothes to hair to makeup, Marian’s expertise transformed my outer style so that it truly reflects my inner Self. I feel fabulous! Her guidance has saved me time and money when I shop, and made it fun to walk into my closet! I can’t recommend her more highly. Before you spend another penny on your wardrobe, spend some time with Marian!”

– Leigh Ann Dillinger Owner, Four Worlds Coaching


Denver Image ConsultantThank you so much for all your help!! My mom was wondering why she didn’t do this years ago. She looks great and knows how to dress for her body now. She was so excited after you left on Thursday –- feeling like a new woman.


The other day she told me she had received eight compliments in three days (she started counting). The best part is that she told me it makes her feel like ‘she’s still got it.’ I thought this was a fun gift idea for her, but when she told me that, I realized how wonderful of a gift it really was — especially for a lady who just turned 60 and was feeling frumpy. She used to think that she had to lose weight to feel great, but now she knows she can look great even if she doesn’t lose any. We really appreciate everything you have done for us.”

– Heather Baukol, Boulder, CO.


images-7I thought I needed to go shopping, but all I needed was a new set of eyes to rework what I already had.

That is why I recently enlisted assistance from “The Best”, Marian Rothschild. I have worn a ‘Rothschild Original Outfit‘ every day for two weeks and I still have about a dozen waiting for action. Several outfits got ecstatic reviews from the critics (i,e, my friends). And even better, I picked up some tips that I can use when creating my own combos…”

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