Cure for the Winter Blues (update colors and personal style) By Marian Rothschild Boulder, CO

The Holidays are over, but it’s still snowy and cold. Some days it’s sunny and cold, and other days it’s kind of warm, and then cold. Light lingers a few more minutes each day, but it’s fair to say we are, right now, in the dead of winter. These conditions may lead to what’s commonly referred to as the winter blues.

 If you’re lucky enough to jet away to warmer territory, take the brief respite. I always know that by this time every year I’ll have had just about enough of these freezing temperatures and short daylight hours. That’s why I planned ahead.

 To celebrate our 30th anniversary, last week my husband and I flew down to the warm waters of the Caribbean. What can I say; it’s a big anniversary. Many folks don’t get anywhere near this number, so hey, it’s definitely reason enough to celebrate with a trip to Rasta land.

 There are other ways to cure the winter blues besides escaping. My number one recommendation: get out of the blues and into the greens! Emerald green, kelly green, and lime green are all great accent colors to give a pop to a drab, dull outfit of black or grey. Try a bright green scarf, sweater, or shiny shoes. Color is fun! Not sure of your most flattering colors? Have a color analysis done by a professional AICI image consultant. 

 Creating a Personal Style Inspiration Board can catapult you to a 2012 update and rescue you from the blues. Get three or four age-appropriate magazines and/or catalogues. Go through and cut out photos of anything that you love; hairstyles, outfits, polished faces, separates, shoes, etc. Create your own inspiration board by putting those pictures up on a bulletin board that hangs in or near your closet. Use lots of pictures and add to your board every month or so. Observe the over-all fashion style and color scheme of the looks you love.

 Apply your newly discovered personal style to outfits that you put together. See your clothes with objective eyes to create new outfits in ways you hadn’t previously thought of.

 Colors don’t need to match exactly any more; I love two different shades of the same color worn together. Try pairing two different shades of greens, corals, blues or teal and aqua. Jewelry doesn’t have to match exactly either. But the different pieces do need to relate to each other. For example, don’t mix wooden beads with stones, and all metals should match. The purpose of accessories is to tie the outfit together, add a pop of color and accent.

 Try a new hairstyle, maybe with highlights or lowlights. Plan your next trip to the hair salon fully armed; bring two or three photos of desired hairstyles and a list of questions. Ask your professional if the new style you’ve brought photos of suites your face shape and hair texture. Also ask your hair stylist to explain as he goes along, how to blow dry, what size brush to use, how to manipulate the straightening iron, curling iron, etc.

 Another way to cure the blues: have a makeup lesson to update your makeup products and application technique.  Several professionals in the area offer this service. As time goes by things change, but maybe your manner of application hasn’t… since high school.

There you have it. Updated elements of your personal style can give you a put-together look that pulls you straight out of the mid-winter blues. These tips are much easier and less expensive than traveling to the Caribbean.  No sun block required.


Marian Rothschild is a Personal Image and Wardrobe Consultant with Look Good Now in Boulder, CO., specializing in helping you feel more confident and genuine by looking your best for every situation. Please visit her website at





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