How to Curl Fine Hair

Here’s the solution to fine hair that won’t seem to hold a curl or stay full. So many of my clients have this problem and have expressed frustration over the fact that their fine hair won’t hold a curl and goes limp-straight soon after blow drying, even with a round brush. For years, I had the same problem; no volume, and the curl falls out after an hour. Now I’ve got the solution!

Several hair stylists told me this, but for a while I didn’t listen, thinking it wouldn’t work. But it does! It’s a three-step process that actually won’t take any more time than you already spend.

1) First, get layers cut into your hair. The first layer should be at about the bottom of your ears. Not a lot, just light layering will do the trick.
2) Use 1/4 of the amount of conditioner that you usually use. This is critical. Really, just use a teeny, tiny bit of conditioner on your hair after shampooing. Or, if possible, don’t use any conditioner at all. (This works, stick with me.)
3) Spray or apply root lifter to the roots of your hair, work it in. Flip your head up-side-down to blow dry your hair 3/4 of the way dry. Lightly spray a curl enhancer or setting spray into the layers of your hair. You don’t need a lot. Then use the round brush to blow dry. Hold the curl in the brush without any air on it for ten seconds, release.

Do not brush the hair out, just finger comb if necessary.

There you have it; full, wavy hair that you’ve always wanted. But you have to do all of these steps together. Try it, you’ll like it!

Let me know how it works.

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